Contest Winners for RSD 2015

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Thank you all for coming out last weekend, everybody! We had a blast.
Our lucky raffle winners are as follows:
Kathy H – the Philips 312 turntable!
Chris K – $25 for Tennessy Willems
Matt L – $25 for Tennessy Willems
Patrick H – $25 for Tennessy Willems
Ariana G – $20 in Hintonburger bucks
Geoff B – $20 in Hintonburger bucks
Ed G – $20 in Hintonburger bucks
Erin (?) – $20 in Record Centre money
Karine L – $20 in Record Centre money

We left you each a message, so give us a call back or drop in for your prize!

Our RSD Turntable Draw Winner!RSDcontest

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What a great weekend, 5 bands in 3 days. Starting Friday with And the Kids and Future States both turning in great sets, lots of fun, great songs!

ATKFuture States

Saturday afternoon we a had a surprise visit from Great Lake Swimmers, instruments in tow, and they played an amazing 40 minute in store acoustic set, more than 100 people crammed the store and the sidewalk in front of the store to watch! magical would describe it well.

Great Lake Swimmers play the Record Centre!

Great Lake Swimmers play the Record Centre!

At 6pm the HILOTRONS played a 30 minute set that was incredible, tight, fun and contained two new songs, really looking forward to this new batch of songs!

Sunday afternoon the Cosmos Sax Quartet played an hour set that was mind blowing to say the least, essentially Ottawa’s Who’s Who of Sax players, and they played everything from Take 5 to Holst’s the Planets! Wow.

Cosmos Sax Quartet

Cosmos Sax Quartet

Oh ya we had some records for sale too, that was pretty cool, we started with 24 milkcrates of RSD records and we have about 3.5 left! I’m pretty happy about this as I get stuck with unsaleable 7″ers and lame RSD leftovers every year haha! This year i’ll be stuck with even less, amen!

A special thanks to our DJs Saturday, DJ Zattar and Memetic, you guys really did a great job, lots of comments and compliments guys!

Zattar and Memetic

Zattar and Memetic

We want to thank everyone who showed up, we were a bit concerned that because we stuck to our normal opening time no one would show up! Well, you showed up and stayed all day!

People hung out, it was a great day in the hood, We were able to feed you (Thanks HINTONBURGER,
ZaZaZa Pizza and Tennessy Willems for your generous support!) and provide free live music all weekend!

Super special thanks RC staff, Jeff ,Lisa, Robert, Kayleigh, Laurier and Sylvain, Honorary mention goes to Mike Dubue who helped in too many ways to mention. And Lois and Donna!
Our friend Rob Cosh, who does everything from tune our piano to fixing up our website, also recorded the Cosmos sax Quartet to Reel to Reel at today’s show, Thanks Rob!

Love it or hate it RSD is here to stay, I think our job is to try and make it fun, I think we accomplished that, Here’s hoping they release quality not quantity next April!
Until then we look forward to seeing our regulars, and some of our new friends we made this weekend in the store soon!

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Here is a Sample of the RSD vinyl – and an Update on the Weekend’s Events

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Here is a sample of SOME the RSD arrivals, i’ll save the rest for tomorrow, still at least two more shipments coming in tomorrow.
As many of you know we are in an amazing neighbourhood, Hintonburg has really come through for us this year! We have gift certificates from Tennessy Willems! the HINTONBURGER and ZaZaZa Pizza, Thanks to all.
We have been asked many times when do we open, even though many of the other stores decided to open really early, we are going keep it to a 10am open, we have bands playing in store Friday night and we are planning a fairly late night! We’ll keep an eye on the weather and may open a bit early, 9:30ish, if there is a line up we would like to make this as painless as possible!
As we said before, 3 cashiers running, two for interact/credit cards and one for cash. This will help avoid some of the bottlenecks we had in our old (and much smaller) store! Things are really coming together and our fill has been very good, rumour has that 3 Phish boxes are on the way, sadly only one copy of Brand New….we’ve had many requests for it but I hear mention that it will be reissued! Talk soon, John











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